Morning Glory - iPhone Landscapes

Winter provides some fantastic opportunities for the photographer. With the sun rising later in the day, it becomes more accessible within our daily schedule, and for a period it's perfect aligned with the timing of the school run.

My daughter's school has extensive grounds forming an excellent canvas for capturing such vista's. Here are a small selection of images taken on my iPhone6 this recent winter.

In additional the cold/damp nights leave a droplets of water on the grass and in the air, which evaporate under the rising sun to form perfect mists that roll across the fields and enhance the colours of the sunlight..

The first orange hues of the morning suns rays kiss the bare branches of the trees below, as they bring warmth to the land.

The convenience and portability of smartphones cannot be matched by DSLR's or even mirror less, but until now they could not produce images of any distinct quality. This has now changed, and with the latest tech the low-light capabilities are far better, and resolutions are more than adequate for web based publication or even mid sized prints.

The latest iPhone7+ with it's dual lens, optical zoom and Bokeh effects are yet another step forward, hence I'm now looking forward to snapping away with my new phone.

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