Sneak Peak of St Petersburg Top 10...

We're currently working on a Top 10 of photography sites in St Petersburg, Russia. Will be discussing beautiful locations, providing hints how to capture the perfect shot, and offering some potentially unusual views.

Peter & Paul Cathedral (Map)

Located in the Fortress of the same name, the cathedral is the oldest landmark in the city, dating back t the early 18thC, and nestling on an Island to the North side of the Neva River. The golden bell tower is the tallest orthodox Bell tower in the world and the church is thus claimed to be the tallest Orthodox Church in the World. It is also unusual in not having the more traditional 'Onion' shaped towers that dominate most Russian city skylines. From a photography point of view, it's therefore an opportunity to showcase the dominant and slender tower, and there's plenty of space in the vast square around the church to frame it from most angles. The most common being from directly in front, or from the North side, both giving you direct unimpeded views.

For an alternative to the standard shot from the square, try walking alongside the wall of the of fortress, and find a spot with an oblique view. The below example masking the body of the church, allowing the focus of the viewer to rest on the spire itself.

The ideal weather for Landscape/Architecture photography is rarely a clear blue sky - A clear sky provides no texture in what is often a significant area of your image. What you really need is blue sky punctuated with some interesting cloud formations. Any type of cloud will work, whether it's the bubbly Cumulus/Nimbus, or angular Cirrus/Stratus. Of course, you cannot control what weather you get when travelling, but when the right weather presents itself, make the most of it and get out there !

Canon 6D, EF 28-105mm, shot at 40mm, f16, ISO800, Early Evening.

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