Sharpening techniques

So, what else have we been working on ? Well some experiments with Sharpening in PS.

This is a beautiful shot of the hills behind the hotel we stayed at in Veliko Tarnovo in Bugaria. The country is popular for good vaue skiing in winter, and maintain hiking in the summer, however Autumn is actually a great retreat of you want to avoind the crowds. Veliko Tarnovo is a small town from the middle ages, towards the east of the country, well known for it's fantastic Medievil Fortess of Tsaravets.

The shot as taken with a 70-200mm to get closeup to one specific hillside with this interesting green pasture and a small section of the old castle wall. The photo is already a great image, but we wanted to add some sharpening. Here, we've used a high-pass filter (grade 10) and applied a Multiply overlay to the orignal image. We're sure this can be improved improved further .. any ideas ?

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